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Side Seal Trash Bags : Translucent color is ideal for recycling and pilferage control. Made with high-density resins for puncture resistant sidewalls.

Drawstring Trash Bags : Prevent rips and tears with Glad’s unique design allowing bag to stretch at top while reinforced bands through middle contain bulk

Bottom Seal Trash Bags : Term used to describe the bottom seal of a garbage bags. The three types of bottom seals are : FLAT SEAL – STAR SEAL – GUSSET SEAL

Star Seal Trash Bags : Easy Put On The ban. Power Full Seal – Perforated. Unique High Density Blend, Star Seal Bags Bottom For Extra Strength.

Autoclave bags

biohazard sterilize bags

All infectious and harmful wastes from hospitals, health centers, medical diagnostic laboratories and other similar centers that require special care and management due to the high level of at least one of the hazardous properties such as toxicity and pathogenesis, is applied a special medical waste.

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