Bopp Film and Bags in the Packing Different

Multi-layer polypropylene films that are arranged in two ways are known in the industry under nickname of BOPP and in the general term “Cellophane”. If the films are blended with milky color, they will be named “Bopp Film and bags Milky White” and if they are covered with a thin layer of metal powder such as aluminum on the one hand, they are called metallized. The unique features of this product include high transparency, resistance against oil and grease, flexibility and good performance for printing with high speed.
Polypropylene can also be used as a film in addition to granule and sheet. Polypropylene film means a thin layer of solid state. Polypropylene film is produced in both general BOPP-Film and OPP or CPP.

The first type called BOPP Film or biaxial oriented polypropylene, means that it is also drawn from the sides, in addition to extruding the layer  of the cascading, at the time of production, which, compared to the second type, OPP or CPP has a more dimensional and thermal stability when printing and packaging. The major use of polypropylene films is also used in the production of (flexible packaging) such as chips, snacks, biscuits, ice cream, and pasta and also in manufacture of labels.

BOPP Film Features

The main feature of BOPP Film is to improve hardness and strength, to increase elasticity and to prevent deterioration against moisture and water. Their thickness varies from 20 to 50 microns, but the normal thickness used in various industries is from 30 to 40 microns. BOPP Film has the ability to supply on for or more layers, metallized, transparent and opaque. But their most important feature is being non-toxicity and 100% recyclability. These films have great clarity and a good sound quality along with great printing.


Uses of BOPP-Film in packaging

BOPP-Film is the most ideal film for double-sided packaging and laminating for using in vertical and horizontal machines. It can also be used to decorate various products. We can safely say that there is no limit to use of BOPP-Film for flexible packaging, pressure sensitive tapes, labels, stationery, metalizing of consuming materials and other types of packaging.

They are also used for gift wrapping, packaging textiles and anti-counterfeiting packaging. Even many aluminum foils should be supplied with a layer of BOPP Film to be suitable for using in the packaging industry.

To use this product, you can use this kind of roll, perforated and glued edges that each of has a special application. For more information about this product, you can contact our consultants.

Glued Edge

Typical examples of these types of bags are CD / DVD covers that are one of the most common used products.
Use of this product can include:
Men’s clothing cover
CD or DVD covers
Packing for cosmetics, food and…
Cover book (in order to protect the dust and brilliance volumes)
Packing of office items
Promotional Sheet Cover (preventing loss sheets)
And …



BOPP-Film manufacturers decided to put on this genus advertising properly and consistently by keeping appearance of the package content on this genus appropriate to the needs of customers. One of the most interesting types of advertising is the use of perforation on these goods, which, can be hanged by creating a cavity on this material in addition to the beautiful appearance, so that goods is displayed to customers better.

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