Side Seal Bags – Bags on roll and Packing

Side Seal Bags – sometimes referred to in the trade as Side Weld Bags, are constructed from slit sheeting of either Polyethylene or Polypropylene Film. The film is folded in a desired dimension along one side to suit the fill capacity and length of bag needed. The folded film is then heat sealed by means of a hot knife or wire to weld close the sides and cut the bag to the desired width.

Side Seal Bags Quality

We make conventional Side Seal Bags with and without Bottom Gusset and / or Header, and in a variety of Polyethylene and Polypropylene blended films that suit most common applications whether designed for seal and burst strength, clarity, cold temperature use or use for rapid filling as the Side Weld Bag’s construction lends itself to being used in fully and semi-automatic bag filling systems and fillers.

Custom Side Seal Bags are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses. They can be printed or plain and can also include either a top header and / or a bottom gusset. Headers can be reinforced to support weight and allow for the enclosed product to be hung for sale. Bottom Gussets are made in the bottom area to add a third dimension of volume filling and to ‘square-off’ the bottom area of the bag. This allows the bags to be filled and then stood up on their bottom for display or packing purposes.

side seal bag

BrandPlast also has the unique ability to offer custom sized Side Seal Bags Conical Tapered Sleeves or bags with or without a sealed bottom – these are popularly used for conical ‘V’ shaped items like Men’s Ties, Umbrellas, and Automotive Wiper Blades – or even Pizza slices. If your product would package best in a Conical Shaped Bottom Seal Bag – BrandPlast is your best source possible for this type of packaging. Those who are trash bags wholesale can contact us.

 Side Seal Bags are only available on a custom order basis. Please contact an BrandPlast Sales Professional for more information Brand

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