Blown Cellophane Film Roll and Bags From 10cm up to 90cm

Blown Cellophane Film Roll and bags are the nicknames for transparent and glass films whose raw materials are supported polypropylene (PP). In their production, molten materials are formed into a movie after the passage of cold water. These glass films have the characteristic of strong and brittle that a lot of people confuse this product with the BOPP Family. thanks to its high transparency and brittleness, it may be utilized in the food industry. Today, the assembly and sale of cellophane are utilized by small vendors like perfumers, spice manufacturers, toy packaging, and …
If we would like to seem at the consumption of luggage utilized in the packaging industry, we are able to name several products during this area. as an example BOPP, OPP, CPP, …

Cellophane may be a variety of Blown or the identical thing that air produces. one in all the explanations many distribution companies need this product today is its economics compared to other closed products. On the opposite hand, unlike other products like BOPP, the Cellophane or Blown Cellophane production method makes it possible to provide the merchandise in small quantities. This made it possible to use cellophane as a protective product in low-consumption industries.

Also producing and selling Blown Cellophane to own very high heat resistance. Some industries require very high-temperature bags. as an example, when a nylon bag is exposed to strong sunlight, it can shrink because its temperature is under that of the polypropylene family. This product incorporates a very warmth and also the ability to shear at these temperatures may be employed in industries that need high temperature bags.

The production and sale of Blown Cellophane is essential for the following applications 

  • Transparent desktops for homes, lounges and restaurants
  • Cereal packaging
  • Office cellophane
  • Book cover
  • Laboratory applications
  • Industrial packaging
Blown Cellophane
Cellophane is additionally used when it’s an indication of food and food products, so it’s various uses in numerous places. BrandPlast uses the newest devices to provide this product from 2.5 cm to 110 cm, and it’s worth noting that this unit is that the only product of wide cellophane. All products produced during this field are often provided within the kind of rolls, cuts, bags, candles, and prints of up to six colors. it’s also possible to supply flanged cellophane products, side-dose cellophane bottles, and cassette bottles for special orders.
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